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How to Run a Campaign on a Shoestring Budget | SpeedySignsUSA Blog

The great news is that today with social media and email it is very possible to bootstrap a political campaign.  If you are willing to work hard (& smart) there are so many ways to connect with people absolutely free of charge. Here are some great tips to get you started!


  1. Actively Collect Email & Phone Numbers –  When campaigning a great strategy is to actively collect emails and phone numbers, even social media account information as you meet people.  As you gather followers, with social media platforms you will be able to stream information about your campaign and personal life throughout the time you are campaigning.  This gives everybody a personal connection with you and your campaign. As you share photos and comments of your daily campaign efforts, you are building loyalty with your followers.
  2. Be prepared with a Handout or Business Card –  A great tip to keep in mind as you campaign is to always have a handout or business card you can leave with a person.  These are inexpensive, make sure they are branded with a consistent image across your social media, emails,  print products and any signs you have made
  3. Meet Local Leaders in the Community – Make an effort to  to go to lunch or even just coffee with the local leaders in your community.  Take the time to find out their pain points and what they are looking for in someone running for your position.  It is a huge advantage if you can get the support of the local leaders as they often communicate with a lot of the local community business owners and more.
  4. Create your “Elevator Speech” –  Always be prepared with what business people call the elevator speech –  a 3-minute synopsis of what you are running for and what you stand for. Make the effort to communicate with people when you have a captive moment standing in line at the grocery store,  stopping in at the post office to get your mail, running to the bank. Every person you meet is a potential voter.
  5. Social Sharing  – Social media is a great resource in this day and there are so many platforms but the main ones Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you connect directly  with your supporters. Take the time to set up a profile with your logo and information. Keep it consistent with all of your supporting signs, business cards and other materials.  Learn how the different platforms work and make sure you actively post and respond to comments, suggestions and even haters. Remember any publicity is good publicity and even negative comments can strengthen the support of your other followers.
  6. Signs – Signs are important to post around town to let people know you are actively campaigning.  You do not need a huge amount of them, maybe a larger one at the main intersections and then some smaller yard signs to hand out.   As you meet with leaders and gain supporters often they may offer you unsolicited campaign funds and support.  At this point check if they will be willing to post a yard sign in their lawn – especially the ones that have businesses along local roads or homes on main highways.  Always be looking for opportunities to get your message and your name in front of people. A great idea is to snap pictures of yourself as you put out your signs and then share the photos on your social platforms.   If you have family and kids get them involved and get family pictures in front of the campaign signs. This is a great way to connect personally with the community, involve the whole family, while also promoting your campaign.
  7. Local Newspaper – It’s always a great idea to meet with the local newspapers and see if they would be willing to publish an article on your campaign.  It is helpful if you write a press release summarizing your key running points. The editor can then brush it up and make it more readable but this saves them time and effort and makes it more likely for them to be willing to  publish it.
  8. Local Meetups – Many local areas have places the community leaders meet on a regular basis, maybe at your McDonald’s or Starbucks for coffee or such.  As you meet with people find out when these meetings are and push yourselves to go to these meetings not to just come promote your campaign, but to hear their point of views and  concerns about the issues of the local community. This is a great way to meet the social people of the community.
  9. Host a Fundraiser – Find out about local fundraisers and see if you can Host the event or perhaps just get involved in promoting it.  This is another great way to get out in the community, gain recognition and meet your local supporters
  10. Enjoy the Race – Last but not least make sure you take time to enjoy the the diverse group of people you are surely going to meet.  Truly take the time and effort to learn a little bit about each person. It is even helpful to take notes on thoughts and ideas they may present to you  This will help you become a better leader and help you to better serve your community. Happy campaign trails!


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