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Why and how To Use Political Yard Signs for Elections

Why use political yard signs? This is a question that arises practically every election season. There are those who complain about the unnecessary banners and signage that pop up at every intersection. But at the same time no one can argue about the extensive publicity that these can achieve. The larger a yard sign, the more eyes it’ll attract, and that is an established fact. Well-designed yard signs with effective messaging can give a candidate the perfect political mileage regardless of whether you are running for local sheriff, mayor, senator or member of the city council.  Designing a good banner is like planning your success story! Studies indicate that there is a section of the population that is uninterested in active politics. These people can briefly see or hear a candidate and immediately let their emotions decided whether or not they like the person. These are usually young adults. Those in the age group 25-34 tend to get attracted to well-made publicity signage. So any candidate planning to contest elections should not underestimate the value of political signage.
Most campaign managers understand the importance of effectively coordinating a political campaign. The idea is to take the Candidate’s message to more and more people. We saw the dramatic impact of social media during President Obama’s election campaigns. Before that traditional Yard signs and souvenirs played a more important role. The electronic media today has taken campaigning to a different level. People are not just reading political adverts; but responding and opinion generating on public forums. There is a lot of interaction and sharing of ideas. In such a scenario political banners and Yard signs, if effectively used, can increase your campaign effectiveness. Mobile banners when displayed during debates, talk shows and public speeches reinforce your message.
How to use political yard signs?

Experienced election campaign managers understand the importance of using political signage during election times. Be it local elections or the run for a Presidential race. The primary objective of any party and candidate is to bond with voters. Voters are interested in those who can give a clear and constructive agenda. People want to know what the political leadership plans to do to take the Nation to higher levels of development. Progressive and executable plans and a popular agenda are sure shot crowd pullers. And your political yard signs should be able to portray your message. Visit for more information.

Allocate sufficient funds for signage

Building yard signs for advertising is not easy, So the moment you set out to plan your election agenda, ensure that you allocate sufficient funds for making and installing signage.

Plan and pick the right kind of signage

For starters you should have a clear idea about what you intend to invest in. Just Yard signs won’t work. You’ll have to choose a combination of tools that complement each other. A mix of banners, yard signs, magnets and hand-outs should do the trick.
Size matters

Your aim is to attract people to view your signage and large, well-made signs do just that.

Color scheme and Fonts

Always keep in mind that stationary Political Yard Signs should have the ability to get attention from a distance. Whatever your theme and message; remember to use a background color that helps the lettering stand out from afar. The message on your sign board should be readable at night as well. Font and font size can make all the difference to your signage. So be sure to get professional help.


Find out about signage regulations in the area you plan to target. When strategically placed, like on an intersection, near shopping plazas, outside schools etc, the ad attracts maximum attention. Drivers and people walking by will surely read your message.

Waterproof Signage

Last but not the least use good quality ink and waterproof boards, so your signage will last through the election campaign and possibly many more to come.

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